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The Basic Concept on Network Marketing

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There are two meanings of network marketing. Multi-level

marketing is a synonym for network marketing but

sometimes many people mistake to understand it and

Network Marketing

consider as pyramid scheme.

In this post, I will discuss the marketing concept of network marketing, its inter- connectivity is seen as  system thinking to marketing

The principle of network marketing is quite different and according to this principle there is one seller and only one buyer which other marketing  policies sees as being too discipline. Network marketing scheme  tried to remove this constraint by increasing the number of distributors and enhancing the relationship among all workers making it relationship marketing environment we know today.

At first, this concept has been applied in the industrial marketing which is known as B2B marketing and in where multiple contacts are clearly distinctive. In the purchasing center of a company several decision makers are not rare. And there may be a selling team under that marketing policy.

Then a complete network would be created if there are number of players present on each transaction side. This paradigm can be intricate by various resultant players such as influencers, information gatekeepers, advertisers, business promoters, and middleman as well.

When many people are engaged, then this marketing network expands rapidly. Network marketing is like a social network in where friendly relationship is established at first and all strategies are clearly explained to all which helps to realize the whole thing within minutes.

In normal marketing strategy it is seen that goods are transferred from manufacturer to warehouse, warehouse to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer and at last to consumers but it is not followed in network marketing;

In network marketing self governing policy is seen where finished goods are transferred from manufacturer to consumers directly.

Percentage of the profit in this self-governing is given to distributors who are working in a team. When this policy is possible to establish in the marketing channel, anyone can create a team of independent marketers under him or her and make it as a great income source.

Although it is very effective source of earning but there is a working limit for every person.  The good news is that a marketer also gets interest from total working hours of other members who are working under him or her. That is when your down line earn you earn as well.

Let us consider, you have a team and in that team 100 people are working five days  a week and everyday they work half an hour. In every month total working hours would be 20,000. If you want to discharge these amount hours by yourself, you would need 10 years to complete.   You can start building your down line Today, and decide how many hours you want to put into your  business.. Remember Network marketing  is a business of relationship.



To your Success

Lucy Bieri


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