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Network Marketing Guide for Beginners – Having the Flair for Sales

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Network marketing or MLM is a very profitable business but no matter what business you are involve, marketing will always be an important part of any business.

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The ability to sell is the main skill that you should have to succeed in this business. But it does not mean that you have to have a vibrant personality because the companies provide you all the training and materials that you need to become skilled enough to take up the business.

Networking marketing companies offer you mainly two options for making money.  The first one is that of sales of the products of the companies.  When you sell a product to a customer, you will get the commission or a percentage of the sale amount.   The second option is that of the facility to employ agents for selling the products. When you take in these agents, you will get a percentage of sales that they make.  At the same time, you can also continue with your own sales.  Though this process seems simple and easy, it is seldom easy to earn a lot of money without proper effort.

Once you have a large number of sales agents under your leadership, you can be assured that you will really make money.  But to reach that position, you have to work really hard in the initial stages.  If you are ready to put in that extra effort, MLM is a highly profitable way of making money.

Networking marketing companies usually have plenty of different products that you can choose from to sell.  It is always better to select those products that you would also like to buy.  That would make the process of selling those products easy for you.  You must also be careful to find an area where there are very few agents selling the same products or selling products of the company.  You can also approach an experienced and helpful agent to be mentored to become a successful sales agent.  Some agents conduct periodic training sessions to share the knowledge gained to the sales agents.  Attending such sessions and getting as much knowledge as possible is of great importance in the process of achieving success.

There are no preset qualifications that you should have to join the process. All you need to do is attend the training that is given by the company and purchase the joining kit provided by the company. The kit would include training materials and catalogues of products. Though, I’m with an MLM company that does not require you to buy any product, but the cost of joining which is less than $100.

Then it is left to you to proceed with collecting as many contacts as possible to market the products/service.  You can start of with your friends and thus build your own network.  Reaching out to your contacts while they are all gathered together like during a party or conference is one of the easiest ways to get mass attention.  You can visit people at their homes and discuss home business ideas or get prior appointments to meet them at their workplaces to sell the products/service.  You must be prepared to take rejections as part of the selling process.  You will be turned down by many people.  Therefore, your initial income will be very small. But as you progress you may make around $10,000 on an average.  The earnings can even go up to $200,000 as people with huge networks make.


If you have the flair for sales and making contacts, you can easily make profits.

It is a great way to meet people.

You can decide when you should work.

You can get a lot of help from the person or group of people who recruited you.

It is an instant business.


You need to have plenty of time and put in a lot of hard work.

If you try to canvas too much you might lose your friends and already existing contacts.

You will have to bear the start up costs, though it is usually not more than $100.

You must have the patience to learn how to sell.

Sure, network marketing is a highly lucrative business but don’t  accept the false believe  that money will flow in with little or no work.

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Lucy Bieri

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  1. So many people don’t realize that it takes time to learn how to build a network marketing business. It’s not overnight success at all! We have to keep at it until we learn and get better over time. Great article, Lucy!!

    • Lucy Bieri says:

      Yes, Rome was not built in a day. Some believe they would start raking in soooo much money as soon as they start, but forgot they have to lay the foundation first.. Thanks for your comment Christi.

  2. Maiysha says:

    Great article! Selling is definitely a key component in having a successful MLM/Network Marketing biz, whether it’s online or offline.

  3. Everett says:

    Great post with excellent insights into Network Marketing. Thanks for sharing Lucy!

  4. I enjoyed your article.. Thank you for reminding me that this is by no means a ‘cake walk.’

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