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Network Marketing as a Real Home Based Business for Financial Freedom

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There are Many Network marketing Companies out there, that will offer you the opportunity to become distributor of their product or service.

Some will offer you the opportunity for free while some will charge you a fee. Whatever their motive is, they just want you to make network marketing teammoney at the comfort of your home.

Making money with network marketing  at the comfort of your home does not mean you fill out the online form pay your fee or not and you  start making money immediately. The opportunity does not stop with you as a new recruit-contractor; rather you should extend it to others in order to make your income. Someone is marketing this opportunity to you to grow their business; you too would have to market yours to others as well.

Do not believe the network marketing misconception that after getting a contract with any of the best MLM companies, one has nothing to do except receiving his or her share as contractor with minimal effort or with non-action.

Though many network marketing still adopt the traditional way of doing advertisement to influence marketing profitability like handing out business cards, putting website addresses on vehicles and others, but some MLM companies are doing binary option type of marketing. This is done through inviting online marketing prospects and teaching them how to market the products or services in the most efficient way.

Oil millionaire J. Paul Getty is often quoted as saying he would rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of his own efforts, and that is the basis of network marketing.

The successful prospects serve as downlines and they are allowed to form their own downlines in order to increase their share or profit along the way. The idea of sharing the wealth is felt by everybody in varying degree. The more hardworking you are the more downlines you create. This simply means more share or income you gain in the process.

With online marketing, you can extend your influence by teaching others to duplicate your proven ways, so that they too be successful network marketers without the fear of losing. In fact the more people you teach the better for you to experience financial benefits.

As the people under your tutelage gain you also share a percentage of their gains and so on and so forth as they expand their markets when they themselves teach others how to market their  network marketing business.

This makes home based online marketing a real money opportunity for those who want to control the inflow of their income at their own pacing and timing.

Network marketing business is an environment of sharing.


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  1. Becki says:

    Very well stated. Too many people want to make easy money, but they don’t want to put forth the hard effort to get it.

  2. Duplication in Network Marketing is oftentimes a misunderstood concept to many. Thank you for breaking down the structure of network marketing and what it means to be a network marketer.

  3. Caleb says:

    Network marketing really has a bad reputation as many people automatically associate it with a pyramid scheme but the truth is all real wealth was created from a network marketing concept even if it was not called that..

    Just do some research on how the wealthy got that way and you will find there was some type of network marketing component in there that catapulted them.

    You have to master the art of leverage period which is the essence of network marketing 😉
    Caleb recently posted…Everything Must be Balanced In Your Home BusinessMy Profile

    • Lucy Bieri says:

      You said it Celeb, Network Marketing has never been crowned with the title it deserved. But its definitely a concept to leverage to build financial freedom.

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