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How You Could Get Network Marketing Leads to Move Your Business Forward.


In North America, every 60 seconds there is a new home business startup and mostly in Network Marketing according to CNN report.

If you are one of those new entrants, into the jungle of Network Marketing and you are serious in building your network marketing

Network Marketing Leads

business and take control of your life, I will share here the possibilities you could use to promote you newly found freedom and one way you could do this is to purchase or find quality network marketing leads.  I assumed in this post that you are on budget and cannot not afford paid media.

Read below the two options you could use to

get your network marketing leads

1. Lead generating company. You can buy network marketing leads from a company, but you really never know how current they are or if the leads are valid. Before buying any leads ask a few questions.  How old are the leads? What category or area of interest do they fall under?  How many times have the leads that you are buying been sold?  Most importantly, are they verified?  Make sure that these leads are interested in what you are contacting them about. You do not want to contact someone who has  no interest in your offer!

2. Get your own network marketing leads. The best way to get good, interested leads is to find them yourself.  You can do this through your website or by advertising. One idea that really makes it easy to get leads is to offer a newsletter relating to your business. Set up a subscribe link on your website and start collecting leads. Another idea is to set up a lead generating survey for your website. Let your visitors tell you want they think of your site while leaving their contact information.  These are leads that you know are interested in your business since they came to your website. You can then call them and thank them for taking the survey while mentioning your business.

TIP: Contact any network marketing lead within 24 hours. People change their minds or move on to something else very quickly. So move fast. People expect a quick response.

Before you spend your money on any leads it is important that you understand that all leads are not created equal.  You can save alot of money and give your business a boost by knowing and understanding that there are three distinct types of mlm leads:

1.  Targeted, high quality leads. Think back before you found your current home business; chances are that you were a high quality, targeted lead.  You probably actively searched for your business on some search engine, found an interesting website and then requested more information. Guess what the definition of a high quality lead is? It is the result that comes from the proactive search on the part of a prospect. It is pre-qualified and self-generated, thus making it the best type of lead for your business.

2.  Direct response generated leads. Unlike the above leads these people probably were not actively searching for a home business opportunity but they may have spotted your ad or website while looking for something else and then contacted you for more information.

3.  Cheap, unresponsive leads. These leads are usually not very good because they have been used way too much. But if you do not have a big advertising budget, then by using large quantities of cheap mlm leads you may find a small percentage of people that are currently looking for another opportunity.

Massive results come from taking massive action over a specific period of time.

Before buying any leads first ask yourself what type of marketing you are doing. It is important that you have the right type of leads for your campaign. It is also important to know how you will initiate contact with any leads, through email or phone?  It takes time and effort to convert leads into members.

The number of leads is not as important as the quality of the

leads. You can maximize your time and effort by finding

network marketing leads that bring results.

How do you know whether a lead is high quality?

–  How often has the lead been sold?

–  Have they been contacted concerning your offer or program previously?

–  How old is the lead? The fresher the better.

–  Are they guaranteed?

–  A lead may not convert, but you should be able to talk to the right person.

TIP: Contact your upline sponsor and find out what network marketing leads they have used successfully.

One thing to remember about network marketing leads is that most of them do not want to be sold on any business opportunity. They do not care how great your company is or how wonderful the products, they really want to know what’s in it for them!

You are not in the business of convincing people. If someone joins your team, it is because they are actually looking. The key to building your network marketing business is to attract people who are actively seeking a business opportunity. Keep it simple and stick to what works best for you.

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Lucy Bieri


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    Lucy I reslly felt for you when I first looked at this site. All those error messages from a plug in that needs attention. At least I learnt something from looking at you site what plug in to avoid. God bless

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