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Getting Publicity with Social Network Marketing

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Social Network marketing can be term as our 21st century word of mouth advertising. Social network marketing is refer to the process of gaining  website traffic or attention through social media sites. you might be wondering what social network marketing got to do with your network marketing business..

Business of all kinds embraces social network marketing to spread their marketing message.

Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks.

social network marketing

Social network marketing or marketing through community sites are sometimes being misuse. You have to be aware of the uses of this kind of marketing and also understand how it can create a huge influx of online traffic to your website.

Community sites have evolved into virtual hubs for people to meet each other, make new contacts, meet old friends from bygone school days, and even to hold parties and conferences.

You can host events with full participation of your friends at these online venues.  But such social sites are also widely used by web marketers to get widespread attention to their products and services.

This is because social sites provide easy publicity. You can promote your ideas through your blogs and forums and also get attention to your views.  You can share information, discuss hot topics, and also find solutions to various issues through forums and blogs.

People with similar interests can have great times at such sites.  Network marketing sites can be a good example of this.  Therefore, it is no wonder that network marketers use social sites for advertisements, product, launches, and to improve search engine rank.

Marketing through social sites can be done in many ways.  The strategies that marketers use will be different according the products or services that they want to promote.  Some web marketers use social networks and the facility of comments or posts regarding the products and services to make users come to know of them.

When more and more users check in to the sites, it heightens the search engine optimization process.  There are some marketers who use spamming and send bulk emails to users and target audiences.  Such emails attract the users to click on the links in them.  Users will then be forced into visiting the website that the marketers are promoting.

There are also those marketers who use the delicate steps of social engineering to make prospective users trust them and buy their products.  If the customers are satisfied, they will come back for more and spread the word through reviews and blogs.

Other marketers also use hacking techniques to force users to visit websites or redirect the clicks on links to their websites.  If such marketers are found out, they would be banned from using social sites.

If you look at the variety of marketing strategies that different marketers employ to improve search engine ranking, you can see how the whole online marketplace is linked through the social networking sites.  When normal publicity stunts harmlessly achieve their aim of increasing traffic to websites, there are those who adopt extreme measures to make their online businesses succeed.

Some marketers use viral marketing to collect as much data that they can about large numbers of users, including the sites or blogs that they usually visit, in order to post their links on those sites.  Users will never be able to erase such encroachments on their personal space.

Videos and music can also be used to  enhance viewership.  But all these are nothing compared to the wild methods of the hackers who hack into the personal data of users, force them to use certain links where they might have to download some application like Trojan which further forces the users to be redirected to some websites or to accept advertisements from the marketers’ websites.

The techniques that are used in social engineering are more discreet because they work on the interaction that the marketer has with the users.  Chatting is a very common technique.  Sending bulk emails to users is also a common method.

The use of online phone facilities like VoIP also helps marketers to reach out to customers.  Though these processes are time consuming,  but  highly successful in the long run.  If everything is done properly,  you can  surely expect the  customers visiting your websites.

Your sole aim to embracing social network marketing for your network marketing business is to get your message out to the people.


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  2. This blog written on Social Network marketing that is awesome article. Can anybody help me to say something more about social Networking?

  3. venkat says:

    Thank you madam Lucy…,
    But you can give some more tips regarding how we can increase our website rank.
    venkat recently posted…Bhole Chale song free download | Issaq movieMy Profile

    • Lucy Bieri says:

      Hi Vencat,

      Bear this in mind; you should always focus your SEO writing on readers. People are searching for content through specific keyword. Whatever you’re writing about, you should, take the time before you start to do your research. Know your keywords and phrases inside and out, and use synonyms throughout your work
      Finally, think of the Internet as a living, breathing being. It’s constantly changing. We no longer live in a world of once a week news( if your blog is new). Today, consumers are constantly on the hunt for the fresh and relevant content. In order to stay on top of your game. You need to keep your audience up to date on news and ideas, and they in turn will keep coming back. Other option is the paid ads… Hope this helps.

      Lucy Bieri recently posted…How To Be Consistent – Know You’re What, How, Why And WhenMy Profile

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