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Creating Momentum for your Network Marketing is to Catapult your Business to Success.

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Momentum that we gained over time is what makes us successful in our network marketing business. It is similar to how compound interest keeps multiplying or doubling.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “momentum” as a “strength or force that keeps growing”. That means if you want to get your profits growing and start putting more money into your pocket month after month, you need to have the power of momentum working for



Compound interest can be defined as, “Interest which is normally calculated on the initial principal and accumulated interest of the prior periods.”  The effort that is put by you in the initial stages of your network marketing business can be considered as the initial principal.  When your sponsors extend your efforts by carrying out the marketing work according to the coaching that you have given them, it becomes your accumulated interest.

The work that you have already done is taken up by your sponsors.  Thus your downline keeps growing because each sponsor will train even more sponsors.  The results that you can achieve with this are wonderful. Your business can truly see the doubling effect taking place and achieve growth at a fast rate.  When the process is fully in motion, you might not be able to keep track of all those who are expanding your mlm downline.

Setting things in motion with your own actions is the first step in gaining momentum.  If you just ask people how they are doing with their network marketing business, it is highly probable that you might find 90% of them giving you negative answers.  The clear reason for these negative answers is that they did not set things in motion.

Achieving growth through network marketing business is not at all a mystery. The only strategy that can help you activate things is with your positive actions.  You have to first identify and establish the goals of your business.  You have to visualize where your business would reach in the span of a few years and move forward with marketing activities for your business on an every day basis.

Once you have set your networking in motion, you have to formulate a plan for your business success.  You have to decide how you are going to use your time, resources, and energy in the most efficient and most cost effective manner to achieve your goals. You must use the new knowledge that you gain each day and try out varied methods to achieve better results.

When you improve with your work each day, your sponsors will also imbibe the same zeal to work better and be more motivated to emulate your actions as a successful team leader.  You have to mentor your sponsors into becoming capable of taking up similar steps like you have taken to achieve success.  That is the only way in which your goal of achieving the momentum of your network marketing business can be reached.

Organize your network marketing  business properly, once its “up and running” you would be able to take some time off to vacation and enjoy the e-lifestyle, thus enjoying the momentum  you build earlier on.


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To your Success

Lucy Bieri



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