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I am Lucy Bieri. Being a successful Network Marketing specialist in my own right, these days I mentor wannabes in this field! Since coming across the secret mantra of successful marketing in 2010, I’ve never looked back. Now I want to share my experiences with young and enthusiastic people who want to make their mark on the online marketing world.

My blog site ‘101 Networking and Marketing Online’ educates, informs the readers, and provides them with insider information regarding how things work. Besides, recently have compiled my experiences and have put them in an eBook format, ‘Offline/Online in Network Marketing Business’.

Believe me when I say that it has been an uphill task!

I always wanted to be an Online Entrepreneur and even through countless trials and tribulations, I never lost this goal! This gave me courage to go on and realize my dreams. When starting out, I had to face many problems and mind-boggling roadblocks. After all, there was nobody to guide me, to show me the way! After running from pillar to post for getting people to collaborate with me I was too frustrated and started to believe that my entire struggle was having no useful result!

During this miserable time of my life, Thank God, I found my mentor!

Today I am working with DMC and am a successful business person in my own right, besides having a family life. I struggled and wasted my time unnecessarily. I do not want anybody else to repeat the mistakes I made and want to guide smart beginners  to achieve their dream success online. Like me, you can also join DMC and I will take you through the steps.

My e-book ‘Offline/Online in Network Marketing Business’ is a storehouse of information. It contains a systematic presentation of everything I’ve learned in the course of being successful online. Those of you who believe off-line marketing is a good choice are wrong! My experiences show the contrary. Online you can come across varied people, which is not possible off-line where your circle of acquaintances remains limited within family and friends. So, the Internet gives you a better chance at success.

If I can make it, so do YOU .Come Online with Me, Build Business, and Make Profits!! Nothing can be easier!  I love to get to know you. Lets Connect or SIGN UP for my FREE Course or Newsletter. You will get my Fantastic E-Course that I deliver in Your Inbox to give a Kick Start to Your Online Career TODAY!!


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