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A Look at Creating a Reliable Set of Prospects for Your Business of Network Marketing

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There is a saying that “Prospecting is the spirit of network marketing.

If you can imagine yourself as a bottle that is leaking because of some holes in it, you can see that your objective of filling the bottle with water is a very difficult task.  The water will leak out of the holes as soon as you try to fill the bottle. To succeed in your objective,

you have to pour the water in the bottle at a higher speed than the speed at which the water is leaking out.

It can be seen that your network is like the leaking bottle. There will be employees going out of your network all the time, just like the water that is leaking out.  So the strategy that you must employ here is to maintain the influx of new candidates or contacts at an increased rate than the attrition rate.

In my experience with network marketing, I have been able to formulate a modus operandi consisting of three simple steps that can help me create a reliable set of prospects for my network marketing.  These three steps are as follows:

  1. Regular attendance with networking events
  2. Daily creation of a names list
  3. Contacting the names in the daily names list

Step 1: Regular Attendance with Networking Events

The focus of this article is “networking” that is the primary task of a network marketer.  (The “marketing” part can be left to a different article.)  One of the most important things that a network marketer should learn is the art of networking well.  For that purpose, the network marketer should see to his regular attendance with networking events.

It is very important to have regular attendance with networking events because it helps to restock your names list that might have only a few names.  The new names that you have collected at the networking events can be added to your main names list that you might have created at the onset according to the directions given by your network marketing firm when you first began your journey into the network marketing profession.

Step 2: Daily creation of a names list

You can create a list of names daily based on the main names list and the additions that you have made to it. Every morning, I make a list consisting of 10 prospects that I can contact in a small notebook and carry it around in my pocket wherever I go.

Step 3: Contacting the names in the daily names list

With the daily list of names in hand, I contact as many of the contacts every day.  I might call them on the phone or send them sms, according to the relationship that I have with them.  I usually begin the conversations with a brief warming up and then proceed to enquire about the possibility of getting an appointment.  If you can follow this strategy consistently, you can surely create a reliable set of prospects for your business of network marketing.  (Copyright 2006 Roger Loh )

Network Marketing is essentially a sales and marketing business, therefore it is important that you dedicate some of your training time towards learning some basic sales and social marketing principles such that you can develop your prospecting technique.


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